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BLC is a not for profit, targeted community development organization. Our mission is to produce College and Career ready Student-Athletes! Founded in the memory of Donna "Mama" Rose.



BLC Game plan Update

BLC Family:

     We are committed to the safety of our children and community in this time of Covid-19 Pandemic.  We feel that there is currently an unacceptable potential in our immediate community to spread Covid-19. This risk is further recognized and  borne out by the closure of Parks and Beaches statewide over the 4th of July Holiday weekend as well as the Governors call for personal discipline among the young people. The State Government has contributed as a  major cause of the rise to young people ignoring the risks of spread by  attending  parties and beach gatherings and is now asking parents and organizations to recognize and practice the restrictions required to prevent the further rise in the spread.

     We ask the same from our members to restrict interaction for the next immediate two weeks to flatten the current rise and be in a position to safety return to field.  BLC  will closely monitor our members as well as be pro-active in instituting the policy and procedures in partnership  with our governing national organization US Lacrosse and Pompano City  Government.

     As Policy, If through social media or otherwise , individual members are identified as participating in behavior raising risk not only to themselves but more importantly spreading it to team mates, these members will be prohibited from practice when we return. 

     BLC recognizes the confusion in the politicization of the Pandemic and how young people feel invincible in general. We as educators will proceed in accordance with the science of prevention as the virus does not recognize county boundaries , political beliefs or neighborhoods.  

     We look forward to returning to the field when the Data and Governance allows safe operation and we ask that parents keep their children from participating in activities that will bring them in contact with Positive Cases, known and unknown in social events.  

Announcements will be forthcoming.

BLC Staff

US Lacrosse Statement on Racial Injustice

"Once again, we are saddened and angered by the stark and tragic reminders of racial inequity that persist in our society. Lacrosse has been associated with this cultural divide throughout its modern history, from the systematic exclusion of Native American players in the late 19th century to the lingering perceptions and supporting examples that our sport remains exclusive to a community of privilege today. US Lacrosse stands together in solidarity with those members of our community who routinely feel the weight of oppression, systemic racism, hate and a failing system of justice. We will continue to work to make the lacrosse community an agent of change for all who play and support the Creator’s game. Throughout its history, our sport has brought so many people together, and it’s our hope that we will emerge from this challenge a stronger community, a stronger sport and a stronger nation." (USL , 1 June 2020)

- As a US Lacrosse Affiliate Program we share this sentiment and core values. See our June Newsletter for more info.

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